What is Diabetes Hub?

Diabetes Hub is an Online Resource providing advice for; People Living with Diabetes, Loved Ones and Helping Someone with Diabetes, and Health Professionals with Patients who have Diabetes.

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Darling Downs Health Wellness Seminar Series - Dr Sheila Cook

Dr Sheila Cook is our very own Clinical Director specialising in and committed to the prevention and management of chronic disease. Watch on to find out more about health and wellbeing and 'now just tell me what to do'.

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Back to the Future: A low carbohydrate diet in Type 1 Diabetes

Dr Cook is passionate about education and improving the partnerships with rural hospitals so that people can enjoy high-quality diabetes care in their own communities. She works in close partnership with GPs in her region and the six rural hospitals that provide antenatal care to women in the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service.

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